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Organic Traffic and Signs it’s Time for a Redesign

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Let’s say you are 45-year-old business manager and you put a lot of time, money and effort is put into building a new web site.

Three weeks later you hire a young college graduate and they suggest you redesign your web site. How dare they, right? What the heck do they know?

It’s true they might not haver brought up the subject in the best of manners, nor could they explain exactly how you should improve things, but don’t be afraid to trust their instincts.

Gen-Y is programmed to say what they think and they are also trained to judge a business by how good your web site looks and how easy it is to use.

If you don’t believe them, consider the following list of tell tale signs that it is time to redesign your web site.

Signs that it is Time to Upgrade your Web Site:

  1. Your web site looks like to could have been built with geocities in 1998. What do I mean? You have 12 different font types, sizes and color. Images are from clip art. Things are slightly misaligned. Navigation is not universal and you have an image as a background.
  2. You are not receiving any organic traffic. This is a no brainer. Let your targeted audience think that they are the one initiating the conversation and good things will happen.
  3. People complain that things are tough to find on your website. If this is true, they might not trust you as a business manager. It might turn them off to the point that they don’t want to buy anything from your web site.
  4. Your website doesn’t reflect your business objectives. Within four seconds of visiting your site, it should be clear to a first time visitor what you do and why you do it better.

Written by Allan Woodstrom

July 9, 2008 at 11:16 am

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