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Social Media: What’s the buzz about?

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When building a brand, reaching the masses seems always be of the utmost importance. We need to sometimes ask ourselves the tough questions and think about whether anyone in the masses really cares about what we are selling. Social media marketing, which often times can be tough to sell to a top level executive, has proven to be successful in niche markets. A new two-year study by Universal McCann, entitled When did we start trusting strangers? says that social media marketing can have a much greater reach than just niche markets. Below is an excerpt that I thought explained well, what all of the buzz is about in regards to social media. 

Today the web is driven by its’ users and peoples’ thoughts on everything are found across the web, personal blogs, to reviews on price comparison sites and wish lists on Amazon are just some examples. It is now incredibly easy to share opinions and cultivate influence, often without even trying. The result has been the democratisation of influence to the masses.

This is a fundamental change in the way we source and share opinions and today anyone can wield influence far beyond their immediate social group. In the old days the conversations we had with our immediate peers generally stayed inside that network. Today opinions and experiences are shared worldwide. Never before have we been exposed to so many opinions and recommendations from so many people – most of whom are complete strangers, without the aura of expertise or celebrity recognition.

The result is an influence economy that is forcing everyone in the public realm including the owners of products and brands to become more transparent, open, conversational and honest. They have to rethink the way that influence is distributed and the role of marketing communications in an information landscape dictated by consumers.


Written by Allan Woodstrom

October 14, 2008 at 3:36 am

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