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  1. Hey Josh,

    Thanks so much for writing about crowdSPRING. Over 12,000 creatives (from 130+ countries) work on crowdSPRING. We offer a number of key features not available on any other marketplace, including:

    1. Customized legal agreements. We build dynamic, customized legal agreements for each transaction on crowdSPRING so that both buyer and creative are protected. These contracts take into account the location of the buyer and creative, so that the contracts will differ for everyone. We don’t just provide a form.

    2. Full project management. Buyers are able to review entries, comment on them, score them, iterate and collaborate with creatives. The wrap-up for the project takes place on our site. We handle file transfer for example, including final deliverables. We require proofs from the winning creative before final deliverables are accepted.

    3. We take care of payment. Since we hold the funds in escrow, we pay creatives. Anywhere in the world. And we pay 100% of the awards. Our commission (15%) is charged to buyers, not creatives. As a result, some of the most talented designers work on crowdSPRING.

    4. Robust notification and communication system. We have a full PM system and granular notifications (set by users) that will notify buyers and creatives about activities in their pojects or projects they are watching.

    5.In our cS Pro projects: full privacy control for buyers. For their own projects, buyers decide what others see and when they see it. Projects are not indexed by search engines.

    6. Required non-disclosure agreements. Just like the dynamic system of contracts we’ve offered since launch (above), we’ve built a dynamic system of non-disclosure agreements. We require users to agree to non-disclosure before they can participate in Pro projects – and we provide buyers with copies and control over whether users are permitted to participate. No other marketplace has this. This has brought agencies and larger brands to post projects on crowdSPRING.

    Incidentally – you’ve shared a few good points about logo design. I wanted to share an excellent guide for buyers looking to design their new logo. It was written by the creatives who work on crowdSPRING – they collaborated and put together their top 10 tips:


    Ross Kimbarovsky

    Ross Kimbarovsky

    January 18, 2009 at 6:44 pm

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