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President Obama “Joins the Conversation” and Embraces Social Media

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President Obama in Office

President Obama in Office

President Obama used social media to raise money and awareness during his campaign towards the presidency. It should then be no surprise that he has continued his social media outreach with a white house blog and weekly video blog

On his blog, which isn’t really written by him, you’ll find updates of what he is doing and copies of remarks given at various events, press briefings and meetings. It should be an interesting chronicle of his daily activities. You can even subscribe to his rss feed

A few bloggers might disagree with my analysis of this blog,  but I think this is a start in the right direction for a more transparent presidency. The move is actually one of many that shows Obama wants to reach out to new audiences. His first sit down television interview was the Al-Arabiya, which sub sequentially opened up many more opinions about his actions. 

What do you think about the president’s latest attempts to “join the conversation?” Do you think the nation will listen?


Written by Allan Woodstrom

January 28, 2009 at 12:55 am

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  1. You disproved it yourself when you said “Joined the conversation” – a blog with no commenting and no trackbacks isn’t a conversation. It’s a bullhorn. Case closed. 😉


    January 28, 2009 at 5:16 am

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