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Google Chrome OS – Thoughts and Questions

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If you haven’t seen the Google Chrome OS Video below, please watch it before reading my response.

Google is right – most young people I know spend 90% of their time on their home computers on the Internet.

But what about the other 10% of the time?

Most likely people are writing a paper, editing a video, cropping some photos, putting together a power point presentation.

Even though I am still required to use them at work, does Google expect me to do away with Microsoft Word and Powerpoint?

And even though uploading files could take a considerable amount of time, does Google expect me to rely on free internet software to edit video?

I’m not trying to say that Google doesn’t have a pretty cool idea, but they definitely have some questions to answer. And until they do, don’t expect any changes from me.

We as consumers are not used to losing anything. Getting on the internet 35 seconds faster doesn’t make up for lost features and functionality like video editing.


Written by Allan Woodstrom

November 19, 2009 at 8:05 pm

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